About Mandomartis Software Company

Mandomartis was founded in march 1999 by Anibal Wainstein and Daniel Englund in Stockholm, Sweden. Main activities are software distribution, game development and consulting.

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Mandomartis People

Georgina Garrido Piñas is a 2D Graphics artist and web designer working with Advanced Effect Maker, Android gaming, Sharepoint Apps and company web site design. She is also financial officer in the company.

Tito Lukic is expert advisor to Mandomartis' regarding Internet Marketing. Tito runs the croatian forum and resource site Katakombe (a Mandomartis partner).

Professor Stefan Csillag (Ph.D) is head of the board of Mandomartis. He is former principal of Albanova (Fysikcentrum), the physics institute of Stockholm. Stefan Csillag is a former member of the board of Demicron and director of the board of the consulting company, Savantic.

Daniel Englund is founder, and the IT Manager of Mandomartis. He has life time experience with design of IT systems and management of large IT solutions in corporations like Ericsson. Daniel has unique and expert knowledge in advanced telephony platforms and expert knowledge in IT security.

Anibal Wainstein is founder, member of the board, head developer and Chief Executive Officer at Mandomartis. He is the former president and founder of Demicron. He has experience with advanced Java applet development and special effects for the Internet since 1996. Anibal is also a member of the Fabio Ciucci’s Anfy team, managing and working with the common project Anfy Flash. As a former Chief Compliance Officer (Quality Manager) in Diabetes tools, Anibal has intimate knowledge in ISO software lifetime processes (ISO 13485, SS-EN 62304, ISO 14971) and FDA requirements for software companies, something that is very useful in order to keep a good quality in Mandomartis’ products.





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