Effect Maker for Sharepoint and Wordpress

The Effect Maker allows you to customize JavaScript effects like scrollers, slide shows and messengers with your own texts, fonts and images. No JavaScript development skills are needed. With a few clicks you can start creating your own effects. Click here to download it now. Effect Maker is integrated into your Sharepoint or Wordpress site, so no installation is needed on your local computer. The Effect Maker is provided as a Sharepoint hosted App or as a Wordpress plugin.

Sharepoint Apps

Mandomartis Scrumboard Sharepoint App
Mandomartis Scrum Board Sharepoint 2013 App

Improve your site collection with our Sharepoint Apps, like for instance the Mandomartis Scrum Board. Check it out!


Use your cannon or your torpedoes to destroy the convoy, or take the help from Mars, the god of war!

Sink those nice fat convoys with the Android Game ShipMarauder. It features both RTS and RPG elements

Visual Applet Configurator

A screenshot of the VAC 2 (Visual Applet Configurator version 2).

Mandomartis flag ship application Visual Applet Configurator (VAC) is one of the leading applet configurators on the market today with half a million downloads and several awards. The program's ability to support plug-ins from different developers makes it a powerful tool.

Advanced Effect Maker

Some applets from the Advanced Effect Maker package containing more than 250

Our most ambitious project is the Advanced Effect Maker, a software for creating Macromedia Flash effects without having to own or to learn Macromedia Flash. Thanks to the VAC technology which has been adapted to this software, there is no learning curve, you don't have to put enormous amount of money on courses and software. You can just download the software and start making Flash applet effects immediately for your page. You should take this service seriously if you are a web designer, it gives you an advantage against your competitors and improves your web design capabilities. This software consists of a multitude of Flash applets. That is, fully customizable applets based on Macromedia Flash 5.0 technology. Here you will find, not only the most basic effects that you will need for your page, but also very advanced effects that will make it stand out.

Education and E-books

Through the web site Live Programming, we offer E-books like Anibal's book about Game and Special Effects development in Java.

Mandomartis earlier products

The company has released some earlier products and services, check them out here.

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