The applets in this site have support at the moment. However Mandomartis has limited support capabilities so this FAQ is intended to replace that support in the near future.


Question : Are these applets COMPLETELY free? Isn't there site license fees or anything?

Answer : These applets are completely free and unrestricted. There are no site license fees or anything like that. We prefer receiving our money from sponsors and game renters.

Question : Must I really add a warning note for each applet?

Answer : No, you do not have to do that, but you should consider that someone may get scared of the effects you add when they enter your page and are not expecting that. You should at least put a warning for the applet with high violence level. Look at the specifications for each applet to see what we recommend.

Question : I would like to use your applets to target black people which I hate. May I do that?

Answer : No, you may not! Using violence or threats of violence to innocent people is plain cowardice. That is a violation to the license agreement and will not be tolerated. Using one of our applets that way, will lead to a notification to your Internet provider from us, in order to close down your site. You may also be sued by us.

Question : Who is Anibal, anyway?

Answer : Anibal Wainstein is a veteran Java applet developer who prefers expressing his somewhat aggressive mind on applet effects and games.



Question : Your applet eats up all my computer memory!

Answer : Please check that you are not using Netscape 3.0 for Windows 95, this browser has a memory leak bug. Please upgrade to Netscape 3.01 or later.

Question : I can't get my applet to work. The browser says that it can't find my class file, what's that anyway?

Answer : The class file is the base function of the applet. It is a file with the ".class" extension which must be included to the same location as your HTML file.

Question : My JPEG image doesn't work with my applet! I use PhotoShop versions 4.0 and 5.0.

Answer : Please save the image in GIF format instead or open and save the JPEG image in another image processing program. PhotoShop 4.0 and 5.0 creates a special JPEG format that older web browsers cannot read.

Question : I receive a SecurityException while viewing your applets on the hard drive, with Internet Explorer 3.02.

Answer : This is a bug in the web browser. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.



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